Sign up for an ApyHost affiliate account and you will be provided with a unique affiliate code to add to your Website, Blog, or Email.
Every time a visitor clicks on your link and signs up for a qualified plan, you will earn up to 50%. The best part? The tracking lasts for 365 days, so even if they don’t sign up right away but do come back later, you still get credit for the sale! You must agree to our Affiliate Terms of Service in order to join the affiliate program.

Best Commission

You get the share from the total order value (excluding tax), Order value could be anything more than Rs. 650.

No Registration Fees

Our affiliate program is free. So, anyone can join and start their journey of online earning.

Easy Payouts

You will be paid every time your balance reaches Rs. 2000.

Rs. 500 Sign-up Bonus

Rs. 500 is immediately added to your affiliate account once you complete the sign-up process.

Eye Catching Banners

A variety of banners are available additionally you may ask for custom size banners as well.

Short withhold Period

Only 30 days after the sale, a commission is processed.


Why go with ApyHost?

Because your online presence deserves the best hosting servers. So we offer you all the efficient features and freedom to #Godigital


Frequently Asked Questions about Apyhost Affiliate Program.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program is a type of marketing program where a company gives commission or rewards to affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the marketing efforts of affiliates.

How does ApyHost Affiliate Program Work?

Once you join our program, you immediately earn a bonus of Rs. 500 INR. that is added to your affiliate account. You can choose the banners or text link ad as per your requirement and add them to your website/blog. When a visitor clicks on the banner/text link ad, it will redirect the visitor to our company website and if the visitor orders our hosting service then the affiliate would be eligible for the commission.

How much do I have to pay to join the affiliate program?

ApyHost cares for its affiliates and wants them to earn extra money, there is no registration fee assigned to join our Affiliate program.

What is your commission structure?

Our commission is structured into three formats: If there are one to three sales in a month then you get 30% commission per sale. If there are four to six sales in a month then you get 40% commission per sale. If there are more than seven sales in a month then you get up to 50% commission per sale.

Can I check status of my affiliate account and how is it working?

Yes. You can log in to your affiliate account, where you can see all the information like traffic logs, banner ads, text link ads, pending commission, approved commission, payment status, pending payment, account balance, etc.

In case, I refer a client to ApyHost, when will I get to know that is it successfully referred or not?

If the client you refer completes the order and makes the payment then you would be eligible for the commission. In the affiliate dashboard, you can check the status under the commission tab. We approve the commission after 35 days until then it will be in the pending approval section.

I have referred a customer to ApyHost but I have not received my commission?

If the client signs up with us on any date then after 35 days from the date of client purchase, the affiliate commission is approved. We approve the affiliate commission after 35 days from the order payment date. For example - If you refer a client on 10 January, you will be paid on 16 February.

Where is the money deposited?

For Indian affiliates, you have the option to receive your commission through bank account NEFT / Paytm. For international affiliates, the commission is paid through PayPal / Skrill.

How to get banners for my website?

Login to the affiliate dashboard, go to Marketing Materials and select Banners option. Or you can choose the banners from our website, here is the link. For customize banners, you can forward your requirement to our team at

Where is Rs. 500 bonus deposited and how can I withdraw Rs. 500 bonus amount?

The Rs. 500 bonus amount is added to your affiliate account. In your affiliate dashboard, you can see it under current earnings. When your current earning reaches 2000 then you would be able to withdraw the full amount.

When can I withdraw my money?

Once your affiliate amount reaches to Rs. 2000 or more you can withdraw the money. You can receive the money either through Bank Transfer NEFT / PayTm (for Indian Affiliates) or PayPal / Skrill for Affiliates Outside India. (Note: To receive your commission you need to share your bank details with us.)

If I refer my friend to ApyHost using my affiliate link do I get commission for that?

Yes! Either you refer your friend or stranger you will get the commission every time your balance reaches Rs. 2000

What If I forgot my User ID and password.

No Problem! Simply mail us at from the email id that you used to register for the affiliate program. and our Rapid Action Force will Guide you.

What is Terms of Service of ApyHost Affiliates?

Read terms of services for Apyhost Affiliates at

if my referral buys a plan every month, will I receive the commission every month?

No, the commission is paid for referring new clients only.

Where should I place a banner on my site?

You are free to place the banner anywhere on your website. for example, You can place the banner in the header or footer section of your homepage or the left or right sidebar of the page so that the visitors can easily see it or else you can place the banner to that page or post which is more engaging or getting more page views.

If I refer a same client do I get a commission for that?

No, you don’t get the commission for the same client but you get commission only if you refer a new client.

Can I bid on ApyHost keywords in SEM?

According to our guidelines, you aren’t allowed to bid on ApyHost brand keywords such as ApyHost, ApyHost Hosting, etc.

Is it necessary to have a technical knowledge to become an ApyHost Affiliate?

NO. You don’t need to be a professional tech expert or have expertise in any other area. We will hand you some attractive banners and links which you just need to place on your site.

Whom should I contact for questions related to the Affiliate program?

If you need any help related to the affiliate program you can send an email to or talk to our affiliate expert call: +916306028354