Domain Broker

Your chance to get the domain you want.

Just ₹ 5050 per domain, plus 20% commission*


The domain you’ve always wanted can still be yours – even if it’s taken.

Domain Broker Service, your domain broker will negotiate with the current owner to get the name for you. We protect your privacy. You’ll stay anonymous throughout the process. The domain owner won’t know your identity. Better network. As the world leader in domains, no one is better at finding out who owns a domain and how to reach them. Our name gets attention. Domain owners are more likely to engage with a request from ApyHost IN than from individual buyers.

How it works

Choose your name

You enter the domain you want in the search box on this page and add Domain Broker Service to your cart. We’ll send you an email asking for your budget.

Tell us your budget

Once we know what you’re willing to pay for the domain, your domain broker will reach out to the current owner to see if he or she is interested in selling.

Let us close the deal

If the current owner is willing to sell, your broker will negotiate on your behalf, with the goal of getting you the name for the lowest possible price.


Frequently Asked Questions about Apyhost Domain Broker Service

What is Domain Broker service?

If you want to purchase a domain name that’s currently registered by someone else, we can help. Our Domain Broker Service provides a personal domain broker who will reach out to the current domain name owner, negotiate a sales price within your budget and facilitate the domain name sales transaction, all while keeping you anonymous. Our brokers are domain experts and will do everything they can to make sure they get the domain you want at the lowest price for you.

Is Domain Broker service right for me?

The Domain Broker Service is used for a number of reasons. If you want to purchase a registered domain name, are not familiar with the domain name aftermarket or pricing, or need a secure and anonymous way to make a domain name payment, then Domain Broker Service is perfect for you!

Does Domain Broker service guarantee that I will obtain the domain name I want?

The Domain Broker Service guarantees a personal domain broker that will dedicate a maximum of 30 days to mediate a sale with the domain name’s current owner. While we cannot guarantee the acquisition of a domain name, we will attempt to contact the current registrant and negotiate a deal for you.

How do you charge for the domain broker service?

We charge an initial Domain Broker Service fee to start the domain buy process and if the domain name is successfully purchased, a 20% Buyer Broker fee (₹ 1499 minimum fee) will be added to the domain purchase price.

The registrant is interested in selling their domain name. Now what?

If the domain owner is willing to sell their domain name to you, your domain name broker will start negotiating prices, starting with the minimum price you chose and working up to your maximum offer. After a price is settled on, an offer is made. Offers are valid for as many as 10 business days and cannot be canceled unless you want to accept a counter-offer that was presented by the seller.

How do you contact the domain name registrant?

After you provide a budget range, we check the Registrant and Administrative Contacts listed for that domain name in the WhoIs database. More often than not, the registrant or administrative contact either owns the domain name or knows who does. Your domain broker will reach out to the owner by email or phone. If the contact information associated with the domain doesn’t lead us to the owner, your domain name broker will only use publicly listed information to contact him or her on your behalf.

How do I move the domain name that I purchased into my account?

Now that the domain name is yours, let’s move it into your account! If the domain name was not registered through ApyHost, then you must purchase and complete a domain name transfer to move it into your account. If the domain name was registered through ApyHost, then you must accept the domain name into your account via a change of account.

What happens if the domain name isn't acquired?

If we are unable to contact the domain owner to sell their domain name, then we cannot move forward to acquire the domain name for you. Your domain broker will close your claim after 30 days or after the domain owner decides not to sell their domain name.


* A Buyer commission will be added to the domain purchase price if the name is successfully purchased (20% of the purchase price or ₹ 1499, whichever is greater). The ₹ 5050 fee is non-refundable.

Domain Buy Service is only available for names that are currently registered.