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Highly optimized WordPress hosting provides near-instant page loads and massive traffic handling, backed up by our specialist WordPress support team.

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All WordPress Hosting Packages Include

Near Instant Page Loads

Our engineers will custom configure your page cache, so over 99% of pages will be served cache. The end result is instant page loads, with a TTFB of 40ms.

Daily Backups

We’ll back up your entire WordPress install daily. You can browse backups, and restore specific files, folders, or databases with a few clicks.

Huge Traffic Handling

Because the majority of pages are served from the cache your server can handle thousands of simultaneous visitors, and thousands of requests per minute.

Expert Migration

We’ll migrate your WordPress sites to our platform free of charge. Our expert engineers are hands-on and will keep in touch throughout the process.

Email to stay connected

Every WordPress installation includes a full email suite, with up to 10 email accounts and 5GB of dedicated email storage, all of which is fully upgradable if you need more.

No Limits, No Restrictions

We don’t have any visitor or traffic limitations on your package, your package can serve as many requests as the CPU can handle (which is a lot!). You can also install any theme or plugin you require.
money back guarantee

100% Risk Free

Money Back Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. If you are not satisfied with your membership purchase we will refund your hosting fees in full.

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Next-Generation WordPress Hosting

We’re on a mission to bring affordable high-end WordPress hosting to the masses. It’s a win/win for everyone – our bespoke platform reduces our costs to host you, and in turn, you get industry-leading WordPress hosting for less!


Caching Technology

Full page caching which is custom configured for your WP Install, we cache 98% of pages in memory which provides the fastest possible page load, delivering the first byte in under 40ms in most cases. The end result is a perceived instant page load for your visitor, with no loading lag or delay when browsing.

In our platform, when your page is visited for the first time, we’ll deliver it to the user and store a snapshot of that page in our platform’s cache. When a new visitor comes along, we’ll serve that page out of the cache within milliseconds.

For user-specific pages such as shopping carts and checkouts, it automatically ignores the cache.

Bespoke Caching Technology
Expert WordPress Migrations


Expert WordPress Migrations

Migrations are performed by our experienced engineers and each migration is handled manually to ensure it goes smoothly. Your account manager will keep you updated on the progress, and liaise with you when needed.

If you prefer, we can do a test migration and get your website set up on our platform so you can test it first, before we make the live switch.

Migration is completely free for any number of WordPress installations.

Worlds Best

Security, Reliability & DDoS Protection

All installations include free SSL as standard from Lets Encrypt, so you can be sure your website has end-to-end encryption. Additionally, we encrypt all data at rest in our database servers.

Our network is state-of-the-art, 40Gb/sec multi-homed to India’s internet backbone, and this includes several terabits of DDoS protection. Our systems constantly monitor the flow of traffic through our network edge – if an attack is detected, traffic is automatically diverted through off-network scrubbers which clean the traffic and only allow legitimate traffic through.

For reliability, every piece of hardware is n+1 redundant, including power delivery and SSD storage. The servers themselves are also fully redundant, allowing us to move your WP installation to another server within milliseconds, this is why we can offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Global cdn

Global CDN

Managed WordPress packages include a global CDN. You can connect your WordPress content to our CDN with a few clicks, with 7 points of presence around the world covering all continents we can cache and deliver your content to your visitors in a fraction of a second.

What’s more, delivering content from a CDN reduces the burden on your WordPress server, allowing it to handle even more traffic.

24/7 Live

Personalized Technical Management

All of our Managed WordPress plans include a dedicated technical account manager. Not only will they oversee the deployment of your WP installation, but they will regularly monitor it for performance and apply tweaks where needed.
Over time your account manager will become familiar with your WordPress installations and be able to provide bespoke advice specifically for your website’s requirements.

tech management


Frequently Asked Questions About Managed WordPress Hosting

Yes, if you don’t require any of the features of our dedicated hosting packages then you can refer to our regular shared hosting plans. All of which are capable of powering a regular WordPress install.

If you’re planning to operate a large website, or one that has a lot of traffic, a Managed Hosting package will offer you the best performance, reliability & security ensuring your site is as ready as your customers are.

We will take care of the setup, security & performance for you. All you’ll have to do is focus on what makes your website amazing.

ApyHost hardware configurations for WordPress Hosting servers are unmatched in the Industry. Dual Hexa Core Intel Processors, 256 GB RAM, 1 Gbps Port Speed with 160 Gbps Internet Backbone help us deliver your website’s page at a very very high speed throughout the world when compared to others.

You can get all your pre-sales questions, answered in our Sales Chat / Phone Call. You may also mail us at We have also compiled a list of useful questions that could be of use to you. Please visit our Knowledge Base.

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Our Hosting Experts are available 24/7/365 for any support you need.