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WHOIS Lookup
Apyhost is a great destination for Domain Registration and related services. So in addition to offering a world-class domain name suggestion tool, we also offer a much-needed WHOIS lookup tool to allow you to get access to registrant details for the domain name of your choice.

What is WHOIS Lookup?
With domain names being registered rapidly across the internet, finding the one you want for your website is not always easy. Especially if you have finalized a certain name for your business or your blog. So what do you do when the desired domain name is already registered? That’s where a quick WHOIS lookup can help. This tool lets you find out detailed information about the registrant who currently owns the domain name you desire. This tool is widely used by prospective buyers for acquiring domain names, domain registrars for transferring domains, and government authorities to manage internet security.

How it Works
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires every successful domain name registration to be added to a WHOIS database. A WHOIS lookup tool lets you search this online and get detailed info on any domain name with a click of your mouse. It’s mandatory for Domain Registrars to offer a WHOIS lookup service. At Apyhost we also offer domain suggestions via our WHOIS name spinner tool in case you are not available to procure the domain name of your choice.

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